Product Name: HOLY ENERGY

Ingredients: Green papaya, Ginger, Citrus depressa, Oligosaccharide, Soybean fermentation, Citric acid, Beat granulated sugar


Why is ‘Holy Energy’ a gift from God?

Okinawa was best known as the region of longevity from ancient times. However, due to the importing of the predominantly westernized restaurant industry from the Japanese mainland, Okinawans are now more exposed to eating processed foods which contain many unhealthy additives. Additionally, because of the air pollution in the local atmosphere that regularly registers as PM2.5, many Okinawan youth are also suffering from depression and geriatric disease.

Holy Energy’s inventor took this health concern to her prayers and inquired of God about how to help restore good health to the Okinawan people. After several days had passed she received a dream. Within the dream lied the answer to her prayers; green papaya! Upon awakening she went to research the ingredients of green papaya and immediately found out that this plant is also known as one of the 3 best herbs produced in Okinawa! Along with the Ukon and Mugwort herbs, Green papaya was served to the kings of the ancient Okinawan Ryukyu Kingdom Era for the sake of their good health!

Green papaya has a very strong detox effect and contains an abundant amount of polyphenol which is highly effective as an antioxidant; in addition to its natural production of SOD which is known to decrease the risk of cancer. In Okinawa, green papaya has even been called a “sacred vegetable” that casts demons away from homes! Holy Energy is designed and produced to counter all adverse health issues and provide strong mental, physical, and spiritual health and vitality!


Nowadays, you can find many artificial energy drinks in convenience stores and supermarkets around the world. They are highly addictive and it’s reported that some people have even died in the U.S. due to excessive amounts of its consumption. Holy Energy is the healthy, safe, and delicious alternative to these unhealthy, manufactured drinks. God’s guidance through prayer is how Holy Energy was produced; a drink that cleanses many poisons from the body and provides great strength! Divine Inspiration was the force behind the realization of this amazing, all-natural energy drink which blends green papaya, citrus depressa (contains lots

of vitamin C), ginger (warms up the body) and lactobacillus, which helps strengthen the core.



What are the nutrients of green papaya?

The natural terrain of Okinawa Island is made up of coral reefs, and many minerals such as iron and calcium. The nutrition from the natural earth of Okinawa also feeds into the Green papaya’s health attributes. These Green papayas have strong antioxidant effects because they are grown in the local environment of strong ultra violet rays produced by the sun and receive health benefits that come from the nutrient rich sea breeze!


Contents per 100ml (mg)

Green papaya


  Black garlic

Vitamin B1




Vitamin C












Antioxidant action




SOD (Enzyme excluding active oxygen)








*Survey by US Department of Agriculture (2005)


Green papayas’ various health benefits:

・Burns inner body fat & glucose and helps convert it into muscle

・Lowers both blood sugar levels and blood pressure

・Normalizes autonomic nerves

・Detoxification effects

・Anti-aging effects

・Whitening effects

・Digestion-promoting effects


Praise reports of Green papaya’s benefits: 

•Some months after the infamous nuclear accident occurred in Chernobyl, Russia in 1986, M.D. Ohsato conducted a clinical trial using green papaya supplements on patients suffering from cancer. After the trial was completed at the local pediatric cancer center, Dr. Ohsato came to the conclusive results that the cancer cells in these clinical patients began to disappear! Due to his outstanding medical research, Dr. Ohsato received an award of honor from former President Gorbachev that recognized the beneficial health treatment of Green papaya supplements to cure forms of cancer!

•A male patient suffering from cirrhosis applied the Green papaya treatment to himself for consecutive months. By drinking 1,000 ml of the Papaya drink every week (4,000 ml per month), his cirrhosis was healed completely!

•One patient suffering from glaucoma applied the same Green papaya health treatment to himself. Some ill effects he had experienced included having abnormal discharges of pus come from his eyes. But soon after he started taking the Papaya drink, his eyes were completely healed after only a few days later!

•A Chairman of the Okinawa Lymph Therapist Association tried the benefits of the Green papaya treatment as it would pertain to drinking alcohol. After consuming the Papaya drink he experienced the amazing detox effects by no longer having hangovers. He was also benefited by having his liver restored to health through the effective detoxing process!


•Green papaya, when compared to the healthy black garlic, contains 100 more doses of vital enzymes which kills off poisonous body toxins. This strong antioxidant action brings a rejuvenation effect and also works very efficiently to treat menopause symptoms and other adult diseases. It also enables the natural increase of hormone levels in females. In certain survey results for females, it was also made known that Green papaya’s benefits made breasts bigger and tightened waistlines. Furthermore, in other survey results for males, it was reported that some men have also been completely healed from prostate cancer!


•It is good and suitable for cooking and eating meat, too. You can use it as a primer, it makes meat more tender and adds more delicious flavor!


Message hidden in the package design:

Purple is the color for royalty; a king’s symbol.

The one wing represents God’s right hand stretched forth from heaven.

When you hold this drink can, you will symbolically be holding God’s right hand. Your other free hand being extended will come together to form a pair of wings.

The Scripture below is from Joshua 1:9 “‘Be strong and courageous’ (for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”)